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Personal tutoring that stretches your horizonsForeign language and culture are in my blood.  I lend my passion, skills, talents, education, and foreign-living experiences to the acquisition of languages and Academic and Business improvement.   Let me help you broaden your horizons and expand your mind with simple but thorough study techniques and tutoring in French, English, Spanish, Italian and various academic subjects.

I offer encouragement through firsthand experience in learning languages, while also facilitating the learning of various academic subjects including math, history, science, and literature.   I assist in the learning of reading, writing, and conversational skills (e.g. pronunciation, intonation, idiomatic expressions, etc.) in English, in French, in Spanish, and in Italian.  I also offer help in a wide range of academic and business subjects, including computer technologies and IT Technical Support, and business solution software.

All of these services are offered In-Person or Remotely using real-time technologies like Skype, WebEx, and GotoAssist, to serve your diverse needs.

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1.  Go to Contact and fill out the form.  Choose the topic for tutoring.  Be sure to include your dates, days and time with a full description of your need.

2.  Install Skype if you want online tutoring Service or request my invitation via Webex or GotoAssist.  Make sure you have a video camera and microphone.

3.  Determine quantity of tutoring time (1 hr minimal) and Pay securely by EFT transfer via an email request that will arrive once I receive your registration. (Like PayPal, your financial information is secure and never shared with me.  Speak to your bank about Move-Money transfers.)

If I can be of help please call me direct at 970-462-3014.  I am looking forward to hearing from you. You can also Contact me and tell me your tutoring needs in writing.

Your Language Acquisition & Academic / Business Success Begin NOW!