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Undergrad, University of New Mexico
Graduate Coursework, St. Paul University

I hold a BA degree in Modern and Classical Languages, having focused on French, Spanish, and Old English and a Minor in Journalism and Communications.  I also held a double-major for three years in Astrophysics and French, meaning I use both sides of the brain easily and foster critical and creative thinking in my students.  I also have a strong math background. 

I have lived, studied and worked three years in French Canada and lived and worked in Mexico and Venezuela, functioning solely in Spanish.  Call me white chocolate, having grown up in a Latino community in New Mexico.  Presently, I work seasonally as an English, French, and Spanish Interpreter Guide and Tour Director running my own tour business.

I possess extensive teaching and tutoring experience, spanning more than 25 years.  Some of these include: Literacy Volunteers of America, Tutoring and teaching with the Franciscans in religious education and academics, six years of Certified Substitute teaching in three Public and 2 Parochial school districts in two states, all subjects for pre-Kindergarden  through 12th grade, including Special Education and Bilingual Education classes.  

I ran my own company for several years where I tutored students, travelers and corporate professionals in the acquisition of French, Spanish, and ESL, including phonetics.  I also offered general translation from Spanish to English and French to English and occasional interpretation, computer instruction, and desktop publishing.  

In Up With People, part of my year abroad in nine countries was teaching Practical Conflict Resolution and Stereo Type Awareness (created and taught from experiential curriculum).  I was a Tutor in Art, Math, Science, and Language Arts for home-schooled children and also taught French part-time for the Los Lunas Home School Association.  Later I would teach 7th through 9th graders beginning Spanish in the Archdiocese of Denver, CO.  

I am happy to offer further detail of these and more of my credentials upon request.  Your success awaits you through caring tutoring and simple techniques that help you believe in yourself.

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