Report Card

Tutoring is not about having the correct answer for the learner. Therefore, I do not give answers nor do homework for the learner but do encourage and teach strong study techniques and habits and how to think through the process of finding an answer.  I do not create new curricula. 

My tutoring methods are varied.  The initial half-hour session (this may be done over the phone or Skype) is to assess how the learner learns, his/her needs, desires, goals, objectives, place of meetings, and time of meetings.

Pre-established curricula from the Learner's own school or business are supplemented to facilitate better self-disciplined learning habits and techniques for practical application of the material.  Tutoring services are available per my availability, outside primary employment and other commitments.  This means sessions are scheduled at least a week in advance. Frequency of sessions, not quantity of time per session, is what makes the real difference in the learning process, whether with languages or with general academics. All I ask is that the learner or parent set up the appointment and send me the materials in question by scanned email a week ahead of time.

I will help the learner construct keys to other cultures through languages, according to his/her future goals in life.  Reading materials, conversations, and written practice sessions in and about the chosen language that pertain to subjects such as art, movies, and humor, for example, are just some of the tools that will create the keys to personal refinement.  Certain techniques utilized and verbal practice sessions will mold the language experience into a "real life" situation that goes beyond grammatical theory and the typical classroom routine.  This can be accomplished through Skype video calls or in person.

Your success awaits you through caring tutoring and simple techniques that help you believe in yourself.

Your Language Acquisition & Academic Success Begin NOW!